paper4‘If the book no longer exists as a carrier of information, it may exist to distribute something else.’

Irma Boom (bookdesigner/artist)


De voorbereiding voor het jaarlijkse Ravenstein Seminar voor promovendi en research master studenten literatuurwetenschap zijn in volle gang. Deze week hebben we een datum geprikt en de themaomschrijving afgerond. Op 5, 6 en 7 februari praten en discussiëren we samen met gevestigde én jonge wetenschappers over:



With the digitization of society, the form and function of the book as the central carrier of cultural information is changing rapidly. Nowadays literature and the literary experience have to compete with other media experiences and forms of cultural transmission, such as social media. How do new forms of media influence the structure of our perception? And in relation to literature, how are processes of reading and writing affected by these medial changes? These questions draw our attention to the materiality of literature: the differences (and similarities) between the works of print culture and electronic culture, between the experience of the physical book and the digital artwork and the different ways in which the book can be perceived as a concrete and tangible carrier of information. 

The theme ‘Materiality of Literature’ wishes to place literature within a broader media field and emerging debates on the materiality of culture by focussing on this central question: how can and should literature and its effects be studied in a changing media landscape? With this theme Ravenstein 2014 wishes to address fundamental questions about media history, media specificity and the current form and function of literature.


Het Ravenstein Seminar 2014 wordt georganiseerd in samenwerking met de Universiteit Utrecht. Het Ravenstein Seminar is een initiatief van de landelijke Onderzoeksschool Literatuurwetenschap (OSL).





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